About Retromat

Short version:
Retromat generates random plans for agile retrospectives: Out of a pool of many activities it selects 1 for each of the 5 phases. Use the arrows to exchange activities and make sure that all 5 activities fit together. (They are unlikely to fit together in the initial random plan.)

Long version:
Retrospectives are my favorite agile meeting. I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas. On paper the excellent “Agile Retrospectives” is the de-facto-standard on the topic. But on the internet there was no such go-to website (that I knew of). The Retrospective Wiki had the potential, but you couldn’t get a new account anymore and it stopped evolving. So I used to browse around to come up with a basic plan for a retrospective that I then refined.


I found myself wishing for a simpler way to get started, a kickstarter so to speak. And after 2 weeks of vacation I present to you – the amazing – the awesome – the fabulous – Retromat. It provides you with a random plan, ready to refine. It covers 5 phases, as laid out in “Agile Retrospectives“. Each plan has an ID so you can easily share ideas with fellow facilitators. Retromat is meant to inspire and shake up routine.

The starting version had 16 only activities, but by now (June ’16) it has more than 120 and I’m still adding more. Many of the activities come with photos of how flip charts and boards look.

Here’s the Trello board with all currently planned features. The code is public on github and that’s also where you can report bugs.

Retromat has been translated to French, Spanish, German and Dutch. If you’d like to help translate it into your native language, check out the github readme.

Anything else you’d like to know? Mail me 🙂
Also write me, if you’d like to contribute to Retromat. I’d like for Retromat to be more robust than the Retrospective Wiki.

PS: Thank to Emma Alvarez for the beautiful background patterns.

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10 Comments About Retromat

  1. Jesus Mendez

    Hi Corinna, today I’ve used your web site for the first time, and I’ve got amazing results with the team. Thank you for keeping this site up, and keep doing it.

    All the best,

    Jesus Mendez, Montreal, QC

  2. MikeB

    Just ran into this site today and used it to come up with a retrospective that could be done quickly while still creating value for the team (or so I hope). Your approach is fantastic and I expect to be using many of the ideas here in the future. Thanks!

  3. Kasia Świerczek

    Hi Corinna,

    This tool is great help for Scrum Masters. Great ideas generator and time saver! I have shared it with other Scrum Masters and feedback is reallyyyyy positive:)


  4. Javier Martín De Agar Tirado

    Hi Corinna. Im a friend of Pedro Serrano and I have just been in your keynote. I have been using retromat for one year. I would like to colaborate with u with new Games or another thing. Thanks for all.

  5. Pedro

    Hello Corinna,

    Thanks for the great App. Just started using it and I love it.

    There is one thing that you could add to your backlog (if not present).

    I think that some combinations are much more successful than others. It would be awesome to be able to vote a combination. For instance, I click random and I get –> 18-116-69-12-120. Then I try it out, and it works, so I go back and put the IDs and vote it using a 1-10 scale.

    Then you can add this into the random function so the most voted retrospectives are more often recommended.


  6. Morgan Ahlström

    Thanks you for publishing the Retromat, it’s a wonderful tool that fits perfectly with my way of designing retrospectives. I’ll be back for new ideas and reminders in the future.




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