Speaker Info for Corinna Baldauf

Name: Corinna Baldauf
Company: sipgate GmbH
Twitter: @findingmarbles
Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Corinna Baldauf keynoting at CAS 2015

Bio English 1

Corinna Baldauf likes to try out new stuff. That’s why she has held every Scrum role there is (in companies of various sizes), and reads all the time. Whatever she finds worthwhile, she shares on Finding-Marbles.com, in Retromat or summarized on Wall-Skills.com.

If you want to make Corinna laugh, tell her a pun. Any pun will do, even bad ones. Okay, especially bad ones 😉

Bio English 2 (<150 chars)

Corinna Baldauf works at telephony provider sipgate and was a Scrum master during the agile transition in 2010. Today she spends her time writing.

Bio Deutsch 1

Corinna Baldauf hat jede Scrum-Rolle ausprobiert und ist als Teammitglied am glücklichsten. Sie macht Dinge nützlich, einfach bedienbar und schön – sowohl bei sipgate als auch bei ihren privaten Projekten. Sie hofft, dass Wall-Skills.com irgendwann genauso bekannt ist wie Retromat.

Wenn Du sie zum Lachen bringen willst, versuch’s mit einem Wortspiel. Braucht kein gutes zu sein, ein schlechtes tut’s auch 😉

Bio Deutsch 2

Corinna Baldauf arbeitet bei dem Telefonieanbieter sipgate und war dort bei den Scrum-Anfängen 2010 als Scrummaster mit dabei. Seitdem hat sie jede Scrumrolle ausprobiert. Heute schreibt sie meistens, z.B. darüber wie sipgate arbeitet im Buch “24 Work Hacks”. Privat hat sie den Retromat erschaffen und fasst Konzepte auf Wall-Skills.com zusammen.

Corinna renoviert gerne, solange sie streichen darf, und baut begeistert IKEA-Möbel auf.


Corinna Baldauf giving a talk

Credit: sipgate

Credit: sipgate / Oliver Tjaden

Corinna Baldauf with green hair

Credit: Corinna Baldauf

Current Topics

  • 24 Work Hacks
    24 Things we do at sipgate to work better
  • Long Way to Lean
    sipgate’s six years of journey from traditional company towards an agile and lean mindset
  • Thank God it’s Open Friday
    Slack + Open Space = Learning Organisation
  • (Guerilla) Usability Tests
  • Workshop: Writing Well

Topics in General

  • Agile & Lean
    • Scrum
    • Kanban
    • Retrospectives
    • Change management & transformations
  • Leadership
  • Usability & UX Basics
  • Facilitation, visualization and sketchnotes

Quid Pro Quo

I will promote my presence at your conference before, during and afterwards. I will deliver an up-to-date talk that is valuable to the audience. I will stay inside the timebox for my talk and handle Q&A in the predefined manner. I will be well-prepared and on time for tech checks. I will bring my own laptop, clicker and video adapter. I will mingle with attendees during the conference and answer questions. I will publish sketchnotes for some of the other talks. I will publish and promote my slidedeck and recordings after the conference. I will be friendly, professional and help to uphold the conference’s Code of Conduct.

I expect you to promote my talk before, during and after the conference. I expect you to have a working stage setup with mic and projector. I expect you to have a Code of Conduct for the conference that you can enforce. I’d like you to record and publish my talk. I’d like you to pay for travel and boarding unless we’ve agreed otherwise. I’d like you to inform me on tech setup such as projector resolution, headset etc. I’d like you to reply to my emails in a timely fashion. I wish you’d not hand out useless swag. I wish you’d have conference t-shirts available in women’s fitted cut. I wish you’d have an inclusive scholarship program to foster diversity.

This Quid Pro Quo section is 90% copied from Tobias Baldauf. (Why change it, if it’s fantastic?)

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