Systemic Consensus

Cover: Systemisches KonsensierenYou know that saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, I usually do jugde a book by its cover and I’d never have bought “Systemisches KONSENSIEREN” (“Systemic CONSENSUS”)! When a colleague dropped it on desk, I made fun of it – its whole appearance is “touchy-feely” in a bad way and, come on, CAPS? Really?

Fortunately, I picked the book up on a whim and its main (and only) idea immediately took the top position on my list of “things to try out”: When voting, don’t have the usual majority vote that generates winners and losers. Turn traditional voting upside down and determine least resistance!

Let me illustrate how that works with the first example in the book: Continue reading

Three Crucial Books

As I’m constantly reading, this is the first of probably quite a few book recommendations. Ye have been warned 😉

Up first is not one, but a set of three books by the same authors:

Cover: Crucial Conversations Cover: Crucial Confrontations Cover: Influencer

You’ve probably heard of them, but if you haven’t read them yet, let me give you a nudge. More of a  shove, really. Given, my knowledge of difficult conversations was limited to “I-messages, not You-messages” before reading these, but I found them highly insightful. The “Now that you point it out, it’s so obvious. Why haven’t I realized this before?” kind of insightful. Continue reading