Don’t keep stuck to your daily routine

Don't keep stuck to your daily routine

Good advice on a pullover of mine

There’s a certain type of quiet movie that I like a lot. It usually starts with a stranger entering a closed group, e.g. a village and the dynamics that enfold because of it. “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert“, “Fried Green Tomatoes” or “Kitchen Stories” are excellent examples. Did you ever stop to wonder, why the movies show that particular point in time, when the new element is introduced? Why not the 5 or 10 years before that?

Because such a movie would be bor-*yawn*-ing: A closed “system” tends to reach an equilibrium and stay there. Even things that make you think “WTF?” when starting a new job will become “the way things are done” a few weeks down the road. And once we’ve gotten used to stupid things, we stop seeing the madness and stop initiating improvements. Continue reading

Assess your agile engineering practices

Agile Engineering - Self-AssessmentSome weeks ago I read a slide deck by Jeff Nielsen about “Five Key Numbers to Gauge your Agile Engineering Efforts“. Even though using agile engineering practices is no goal in itself, the practices are usually helpful in reaching the ultimate goal of useful software. That’s why I compiled the five numbers into a single page to print out and let teams self-assess.

Feel free to use the image, e.g. during a retrospective. You could even repeat the assessment a few months later to track improvements 🙂
[This is Activity #35 in Retr-O-Mat]

PS: Thanks to Jeff Nielsen for the data