Activities to say farewell and reminisce in a retrospective

Teams go through stages. They form, clash, perform well, quarrel, perform, and so on. Until they  eventually disband. Tuckman called this stage “Adjourning”.

A while ago, Stephane asked for activities for a retrospective for an adjourning team. Here are some suggestions:

My team is awesome” would be a great opener.

Appreciative Inquiry” would also work well, if the questions were tweaked a little to serve the purpose.

If you’ve got a budget to take the team out to eat, “Retrospective Cookies” are an excellent option.

I guess it depends a little on whether you’d rather the team takes away a farewell lesson that they can carry over to the next team or you’d rather let them bask in their team spirit and appreciate each other.

What activities do you recommend for an Adjourning retro?

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1 Comment Activities to say farewell and reminisce in a retrospective

  1. Paul Streeter

    Good article as sometimes people don’t plan anything or worse forget this part. Personally I like to do the formal review formally first and then have the informally team session.

    The other thing that comes to mind is that sometimes this team has got together before, even lots of times, so they may already have a tradition for what they do and it’s better for you to fit into that rather than reinventing the wheel so to speak.

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