Walkies – Menlo #6

[This post is part of a series about Menlo Innovations, the company described in “Joy, Inc.“]

Cover of Joy, Inc. At one point during Menlo Innovations history, the employees decided they would like to stretch their legs and shake up routine by a short walk. Ever since, at 3 pm people gather for “walkies”. A 5-10 minute walk around the vicinity.

AFAIR the book makes no connection to the fact that Menlo resides in the windowless basement of a parking building. I.e. they have no natural light in the office, which makes walkies twice as desirable.

Although my desk happens to be in a spacious, nicely lit overground room that I love, the idea of a daily short walk is very appealing to me. Daylight, extra oxygen, “exercise”, … What’s not to like 😉