Sketchnotes from XP Days 2015

Last week I was at XP Days in Karlsruhe, a very nice mix of talks, workshops and Open Space. I’m not very happy with the resulting sketchnotes, but I thought they may serve as examples of what happens when I’ve got too much or too little space left on my piece of paper:

Too much space

"Search inside yourself - Train your brain - Google style" by Markus Wittwer
“Search inside yourself – Train your brain – Google style” by Markus Wittwer

The whole upper left corner was empty at the end of the talk so I made up the buddha which hopefully fits with the topic.

Just right

“Continuous Database Integration with FlyWay” by Sandra Parsick

Here everything worked out, space-wise.

Too little space

“Lösungsfokussierte Retrospektiven” by Veronika Kotrba und Ralph Miarka

I ran out of space with 20 minute still to go. That’s why I decided to start on a 2nd piece of paper. In hindsight it was a really bad idea to draw the wavy separation line between parts 4 and 5 on the second sheet. Well, it is what it is.

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