“What was your favourite session?”

In 2013 I wrote this piece on “Ready-made Conversation Starters – for Conferences“.

It’s a suggested solution for my reluctance to initiate first contact at a conference lunch table. I mean, I’m there to get to know people and yet I don’t manage to casually start a conversation.


In August I’ve been to the US for the first time and at this conference I managed to start conversations. I think that 2 things changed. Firstly, I really wanted to get over myself and secondly the other ones were American. What I know about US culture gave me permission to try to chat people up. When in Rome, do as the Romans do…

Luckily I found out early on that “So, what’s your favorite session so far?” is an excellent conversation starter.

I want to keep that line and to keep making contact. For the mostly German confs I attend, I plan to get my inner American on and get to know people. 🙂

2 Comments “What was your favourite session?”

  1. Paul Tevis

    My outer American uses this technique, too. 🙂 I also find it’s a good conversation starter because it doesn’t ask people to talk about themselves, but instead about a thing they saw or heard. Some people (my wife included) have a definite preference for the latter over the former.

    1. Corinna Baldauf

      Oh, cool! Didn’t even realize the “talk about myself” versus “talk about something I like” shift. Thanks for sharing, Paul!

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