Role Play for One

[This post is one of many inspired by Agile 2015.]

At Agile 2015 I was fortunate enough to attend many great sessions. Of all these my favorite one was Ellen Grove‘s “Games for Learning about Conflict Resolution“.


In it, she introduced “Role Play for One”.

Instead of Role Playing how to AIRR (Agree on a common goal, state an observation, describe the Impact on you, showing Respect and phrasing a Request), Ellen gave us a 4-panel comic strip to fill out. And it worked perfectly!

Role play - comic strip

This is a great technique for when it’s really more of a monologue, not a dialogue, you’re practicing. And it’s great for introverts, too.

Coming to think of it: I’ve seen and used comic strips in language books and teacher’s handouts. But it wouldn’t have occurred to me for other kinds of training. I like the reinvention! I’ll so use this in my trainings! Thank you, Ellen!