Product Owner Value Game

[This post is one of many sparked by Agile 2015.]

Dajo Breddels and Paul Kuijten brought their crafty PO Value Game to Agile 2015. I was lucky enough to get a spot to play and with a really advanced group, too!

To me, the game has 2 valuable lessons to teach:

  1. It invites you to focus on Business Value instead of just costs. Consequently the game’s slogan is “Teach the value of value” 😉
  2. It lets you explore the tradeoff between analysis (getting better cost & value estimates) and execution.

I’ve already got a deck of the game cards + dice at work and hope to play with my POs on Wednesday – really recommend it for all Product Owners and executives! You can get it here:

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2 Comments Product Owner Value Game

  1. Tony Ackroyd

    I played it at Prague and really enjoyed it. I’ve already played it with two different groups at my office and they both got really into it. Got a third session scheduled now and the groups are being very competitive…..

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