Be the Change you want to see

Yay, I’ll go back to work in January. I’ll return to my ex-ex-employer and it feels like going home. I’m looking forward to being part of a team again. I’m also a bit frightened, because I’ll be a web developer once again. Something I haven’t done full-time for 10+ years. It’s not going to be easy. But I know there are great people in my team that I can learn a lot from, so I’m more excited than scared.

As an added benefit I’ll raise a few numbers I want to see rise, namely “female developers” and “developers at agile meetups”. And I will finally (have to) practice what I preach. Adopt ALL the XP practices!

If all works out well, the focus of this blog might shift towards development topics.

PS: A big thank you to everyone who offered me a job 🙂

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Corinna Baldauf has filled every Scrum role there is and then some. Currently she spends most of her days writing and occasionally facilitating retrospectives. She's interested in lean, agile, coaching, leadership & UX. You can follow her on Twitter, subscribe to her (Retromat) newsletter and buy her books.

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