Retr-O-Mat in German – and in your language?

Judith Andresen

Retr-O-Mat used to be a 1-woman-show. Not anymore! I’m very happy to announce that it will be a 2-woman-show: Please welcome Judith Andresen!

Judith is a seasoned facilitator and mediator. She has written a very insightful book about retrospectives that contains a host of completely new activities. If you can read German, check out her book “Erfolgreiche Retrospektiven“.

What does that mean for Retr-O-Mat’s future?

Our plans so far:

  •  Multiple languages!
    • Judith will translate all 70 activities into German (Kudos!)
    • I will move the code github and enable internationalization
  • Judith will add lots of fresh activities from her book. I’ve seen a couple of them and they’re awesome!
  • Intro” becomes a new 0th phase in retrospectives’ plans
    We’ve independently reached the conclusion that explicitly looking at the results of the last retro is highly beneficial. Has the team implemented what they had agreed on? That’s what the “Intro” phase is for.
  • There will be an advanced search
    It will allow you to get a plan tailored to specific needs, such as “no trust within team”, “team overestimates itself”, “last deployment was a complete disaster and everyone’s defensive”, …

Exciting developments! To say I’m thrilled would be an understatement 🙂

Want to join us? We are looking for translators into other languages. You don’t have to commit to translate every single activity. Just a few also help! Contact me at or on Twitter.

In closing, I’d like to thank all contributors so far:

Thank you all for your support and inspiration!

1 Comment Retr-O-Mat in German – and in your language?

  1. Rolf Dräther (@rdraether)

    Hallo Corinna (und Judith),
    Ich finde die Seite Klasse und inspirierend für Retrospektiven. Danke dafür und … weiter so!
    Nun wollt ihr beide (seit dem 16.09.2013) gemeinsam eine deutsche Version zur Verfügung stellen. Diese Info habe ich auch soeben in mein Manuskript von Retrospektiven – kurz & gut aufgenommen, das im Herbst bei O’Reilly erscheinen wird.
    Deshalb meine Frage: Wie weit sind eure Pläne diesbezüglich gediehen? Kann ich die Info drin lassen? Oder kann ich vielleicht unterstützen? ;o)

    Herzlichen Dank und viel Ausdauer, Erfolg und Freude!

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