Assess your agile engineering practices

Agile Engineering - Self-AssessmentSome weeks ago I read a slide deck by Jeff Nielsen about “Five Key Numbers to Gauge your Agile Engineering Efforts“. Even though using agile engineering practices is no goal in itself, the practices are usually helpful in reaching the ultimate goal of useful software. That’s why I compiled the five numbers into a single page to print out and let teams self-assess.

Feel free to use the image, e.g. during a retrospective. You could even repeat the assessment a few months later to track improvements 🙂
[This is Activity #35 in Retr-O-Mat]

PS: Thanks to Jeff Nielsen for the data

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  1. Shahin Sheidaei

    I was trying to use the measures you introduced here in a retrospective, but I found some conerns

    Measurement 1 – Test Feedback
    -There are different types of tests that can be applied in a development process. This question is very vague. When you are talking about the feedback, what exactly are we talking. You might want to clarify the question like:

    –How much time does it take to run the unit tests in production environment after you changes a line of code?
    –How much time does it take to run a code coverage test on application and make sure the changed code has been tested at least by one scenario?

    The second and fifth question is more about the environment and how one can push it to the production. It applies to the teams in small organizations, but in an enterprise, you might ask those questiosn but you won’t have any influence on changing it from team perspective.

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