Wanted: (Agile) Coaching Circle

“Practice makes perfect” they say. I guess, self-reflection and reading can only get you so far. That’s why I’d like to join or found a coaching circle, i.e. a regular meeting (at least monthly) to safely try out new techniques and work through tough situations.

Some ideas for activities:

Interested? Leave a comment or mention/DM me on twitter.

I live in Düsseldorf and my kitchen is comfy :). Cologne or the Ruhrpott would also be okay. If there are not enough interested people in the area, we could try Google+ hangouts. They’re a decent enough substitute of a real life gathering.

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Corinna Baldauf has filled every Scrum role there is and then some. Currently she spends most of her days writing and occasionally facilitating retrospectives. She's interested in lean, agile, coaching, leadership & UX. You can follow her on Twitter, subscribe to her (Retromat) newsletter and buy her books.

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