Places for information radiators

Big visible charts are a great way to convey information. The more visible something is, the less likely you are to forget or disregard it. This week we tried a new location, when we needed additional maintainers for a handful of systems: Right next to the rest rooms (the door slightly ajar is the Gents).

“Daemons looking for a maintainer”

Works pretty well, much better than the lone email, that we traditionally sent. Already 5 out of 6 daemons have found a loving home maintainer. Added bonus: By striking out these daemons we indicate the progress for everyone 🙂

I’d expect similar success in the kitchen, next to the coffee machine. And of course the entrance hall, but there we’re aiming for a polished solution with a big screen. I wonder, when we’ll have that up and running… 😉

PS: You aren’t using information radiators, yet and would like examples? We routinely display stuff in the following places:

  • Team rooms
    • Burndown, trys, …
  • Common area
    • SoS board, impediment board, …
  • Corridor the developers use frequently, opposite the PO room
    • Backlog, appointments for discussing certain stories, …

The best location for a piece of information depends on who needs to see it.