What ever happened to XP?

In June InfoQ published a very interesting talk by Rachel Davies “Back to the Future: What Ever Happened to Being eXtreme?

I think Rachel is spot on about a lot of things such as:

  • Some craftsmen care too much about code and too little about what problem it solves
  • There’s a  sad lack of developers at agile confs

While listening I noticed that we do a lot of the XP practices at work. And we introduced them via the backdoor Scrum. By now I’m pretty convinced that (in the software business) Scrum can’t work longterm without XP. But XP probably works fine without Scrum… You may draw your own conclusions. (And yes, I’ve tried to find a job in place where they use just XP to test this theory. At least in Germany I couldn’t find any.)

Anyway, go watch the video. It was time well invested for me: “Back to the Future: What Ever Happened to Being eXtreme?

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