Retr-O-Mat – The Print Edition

Most of you probably know my tool Retr-O-Mat, which helps you to come up with interesting plans for retrospectives. But only few people know that I’ve been busy turning Retr-O-Mat into a flesh and blood ink and paper reality. After 2 prototypes this is what “Retr-O-Mat – The Print Edition” looks like:


Thanks go to my awesome husband for filming that scene. 6 times. (The video is take 6 of 6.)

The idea for a print version entered my head at least 6 months ago. At first I was reluctant, because who would buy a print edition, when you can use the digital version for free? In the end I realized that I would buy it, because I totally want something physical to play with, regardless of the digital version. Trusting that the answer to “Am I the only one who …” is really always “No” I got busy and in the end ordered 200 copies. My trust was justified as I had the first sales within 10 minutes of opening pre-orders on the Retr-O-Mat mailing list. First confirmed payment after 15 minutes. I can’t describe what an awe-inspiring feeling it is that someone you’ve never met trusts you and your work enough to paypal you money. Incredible!

Well, there’s still a lot of work up ahead, as the Print Editions are hand cut. With 200 copies and 36 cuts each… Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into? I guess I’ll just have to cut the first 100 fueled by excitement and the last 100 fueled by “The end is nigh” ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you want me to lovingly cut 36 times for you, you can pre-order your Retr-O-Mat Print Edition here.

In closing I’d like to thank everyone who shares ideas for activities! Without you Retr-O-Mat wouldn’t exist. This thank applies doubly for those who inspired activities for the Print Edition, especially Judith Andresen (for her energizing Retrospektiven-Workshop) and Diana Larsen.


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