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Following up on my ode to whiteboards, here’s some very practical advice for people researching what flipchart to buy:

Don’t buy one of the 3-legged ones like shown in the image on the left. Maybe it’s just me, but I keep falling over the front legs. Especially when I’m writing while still trying to keep eye contact with other attendees.

I can recommend this model on 5 wheels. Before ordering it, I was worried, that balance might be an issue. I.e. that it might not be possible to write on it without stabilizing the chart with the other hand. I’m glad I ordered it anyway as stability is not a problem  and there are no legs to get in the way. You can use it even in very small spaces. Oh, and it’s easier to carry than the 3-legged version, too.

While searching pictures I saw three other types of flipcharts: 1) 4-legged, 2) on 4 wheels in a square, 3) on a bent-back plastic pillar. Unfortunately I’ve never used one of these. Do you know them? Can you advise for or against one of these types?

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  1. buck

    I own one of the ones that are based on a ring with wheels. The ring is convenient to kick the thing around and the whole construction is very heavy duty, thus no fears of knocking the thing over. Not sure if 4 or 5 wheels are mounted on the ring, probably 5.

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